Functional Medicine

Here at the Brain Health and Biofeedback Clinic we offer you holistic care as we are a functional medicine clinic.

Functional medicine consists of a combination of two approaches to health.

Firstly an integrative view of health in which we look at your lifestyle. While we know that diet, sleep, stress management and exercise are all critical for health, many of these areas are difficult to cover in standard care as there often just isn't the time to address lifestyle factors. One solution would be referral to a nutritionist, a psychologist or mindfulness coach and a personal trainer to separately address these areas in a patient's life. Integrative practices include a lifestyle assessment and plan.

At the Brain Health and Biofeedback Clinic we provide the latest technology in stress management assessment including capnometry, galvanic skin response and heart rate variability assessments.  Diet, sleep and exercise support is provided.

Added to this is a systems-based approach in which we look to understand the root cause of diseases or symptoms.  The person is a whole and in a functional medicine framework, we treat the person rather than the disease. The latest advances in medical science are supporting a move towards personalized medicine. New technological developments allow us for the first time to offer individualized testing if indicated when no progress is being made with simpler approaches.  Genomics (genetic testing), metabalomics (testing of individual biochemistry such as methylation capacity), autonomics assessments (the balance between the "fight and flight" and "rest and digest" systems which is often an issue in chronic disease), and microbiome studies (to identify imbalances in gut organisms which impact our health) are all now possible.  Combining this with a persons envirome (their environment including lifestyle) allows for the ability to look across systems to determine an underlying cause behind an individual persons presentation.  

Functional Medicine has gained popularity. Here at the clinic we utilize the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) LivingMatrix assessment.

Personalized medicine is without a doubt, the future model of medical care.