The Bioacoustical Utilisation Device (BAUD) was originally developed by Dr. Frank Lawlis to treat ADHD. 

The BAUD works as a sound based modulation of brain activity utilising a direct neurological pathway from the auditory system to the Amygdala. 

Within the brain, the Amygdala has many functions. Research shows that the Amygdala programs in the theta range, that is 4-8Hz. One of the  functions of the Amygdala  is to register any danger in our environment and to act as an early warning detection system. It is also involved in addictions.  As a result the use of the BAUD expanded to addressing addictions and more recently there is increasing clinical experience and some published work showing that the BAUD effectively addresses PTSD. It does this by in effect by helping to erase the trauma component or the addiction habit... within a memory. It has also been used to address pain effectively.

At the Brain Health and Biofeedback Clinic we have seen some marked improvements, and at times resolution, of PTSD utilising the BAUD. 

For further information regarding this new form of neuromodulation we would direct you to their website  especially the information on their studies page