Welcome to the Brain Health and Biofeedback blog!

Welcome to this first blog post! It is exciting to have the Clinic open and be able to bring you the host of methodologies we have collected together to provide you. 

This blog will contain information that for years I have wanted to share when ever I have heard it! We aim to bring you interesting news and subjects across a wide number of areas and plan to allow you to subscribe to the subjects that you are interested in. 

We live in one of the most amazing times known to human kind. 

Despite examples to the contrary, we actually live in one of the most peaceful periods with decreasing poverty and an explosion of information and the ability to access the latest understandings of ourselves and our world ever available. I don't know about you, but most mornings I wake up incredibly excited to see just what has been discovered next!

 Did you know for example, that a whole new human organ was discovered this year? How is that even possible?! Where could you hide such a thing and what is it's function? The Interstitium was only found due to the advance of in vivo (live) microscopy. In the past we'd knock things out, cut them up and jam them between thin slides of glass to peer at dead tissues under microscope lenses. In vivo biology is just taking off and boy is it exciting! The Interstitium (click to read more on this or here for the research)  is a lattice that runs between the cells, we think transporting things. 

So this blog will take you deep inside cellsto look at biophotons whizzing around in tiny structures called micro-tubules. Out along pathways of communication in the body that we are only just beginning to learn are involved in whole body communication such as the myofascia. And  up to look at the brain, and fascinating findings in neuroscience. But at the same time it will be as broad as the latest research  in personal development and I am hoping,... to function to encourage you to take action to effect change where it is needed. 
As our basis of practice is holistic - to broadly treat the whole person... all the information in the world is interesting to be able to get there. 

Because it is when there is cross pollination between the sciences, combined with true listening to the individuals experience,....

that we arrive at the place where we may just be able

to solve the previously unsolvable. 


Wishing you health and healing 

Dr. Elizabeth Harris 

                                                                                           Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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