Why should I choose the Brain Health and Biofeedback Clinic?

Dr. Harris is the first New Zealand Board Certified Neurotherapist and her clinical expertise is highly regarded in the region. Our largest referral source is word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients and their GPs.

What do you do?

At the clinic, we use biofeedback to teach people how to monitor and control various body functions such as heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure, and skin temperature.

How can biofeedback help me?

Research has shown that biofeedback is a clinically effective tool for patients of all ages who experience a variety of conditions, including headaches and migraines, stress, pain, panic and anxiety disorders, sleep difficulties, and teeth grinding.

How long is treatment?

After an initial assessment, many people find a number sessions helpful in significantly reducing or eliminating their symptoms. But this will depend on your age, the length and severity of the symptoms, as well as, the frequency of home practice.

How long will the changes last?

When you start out the positive effects will last for a day or so, and gradually as the effects last longer, the treatments can be spaced out more as the brain learns new patterns.

Is biofeedback hard to learn?

Clients of every age have discovered how easy-it is to learn how biofeedback to improve their health. You will work with Dr. Harris who is experienced in guiding people through biofeedback training, and then reinforce the biofeedback training with a series of simple exercises to do yourself at home.

Can I start biofeedback training whilst on medication?

It’s common to start biofeedback while taking one or more medications. After training for a while, it is often possible to reduce medication under appropriate supervision.

What preparation should I make before a session?

We ask that you refrain from taking stimulants or suppressants (including caffeine) in the two hours before your session.

What type of appointment should I book?

We recommend you phone if you are uncertain what appointment you need and particularly if you haven't visited the clinic before. If you have a TBI and are interested in the Mark Gordon Protocol, it's worth booking a 15-minute Mark Gordon phone call first.